Vision & Ethos

Fun • Creativity • Achievement

Vision & Ethos

Built on the vision of ‘Fun, Creativity and Achievement’, the staff and Governors of Parklands Primary School are committed to ensuring that each and every child is provided with an exceptional start. We will strive to ensure that through the very best innovative and creative learning experiences, children will become life-long confident learners, who are ready to make a positive contribution to society.

To secure this vision for every pupil, we will uphold the following:

The curriculum of Parklands Primary School will recognise each child as a unique child with individual needs. It will be adapted by highly skilled professionals to meet the needs of all learners so that every child reaches their full potential. We are committed to providing the very best teaching and learning experiences, which inspire and challenge pupils to demonstrate exceptional outcomes.

By celebrating individual achievements and fostering a positive attitude in a wide range of areas, we endeavour to motivate and build self-belief in all our children. Through rich and varied opportunities in Dance, Sport, Drama and Music, all our pupils will have the chance to grow their confidence and develop their aspirations for the future.

Our Values Curriculum is the core of the school and is interwoven into every element of life at our school. These core values are upheld, celebrated and promoted by all stakeholders. As a school, we strive to build strong partnerships with the local community, to ensure that every child has a mutual respect and tolerance of the many different faiths and beliefs within our society. We are committed to providing our pupils with the experiences and understanding, to ensure that they will make a positive contribution to life in Britain.

The staff, governors and members of the Trust are committed to providing a safe, stimulating and positive learning environment, in which all pupils can develop as individuals. We have the highest regard for safeguarding procedures, and actively seek ways to improve the provision at our school, so that it consistently demonstrates the very best practice.

The contributions of all our pupils and stakeholders are valued; we believe in equality and inclusion. We believe in working collaboratively with families to secure the very best outcomes for all pupils and will strive to ensure this is successful at every opportunity. As part of the local community, we embrace all those individuals and organisations who are supportive of and interested in our school.