Curriculum Overview

Fun • Creativity • Achievement

Our Curriculum

Our school is built on the foundations of ‘Fun, Creativity & Achievement:

‘Fun’ to create happy, confident learners;

‘Creativity’ to provide children with the very best learning opportunities ;

‘Achievement’ to ensure that every child reaches their full potential and achieves the highest outcomes.


Curriculum Ambition

Based on this philosophy of Fun, Creativity & Achievement, we have designed a bespoke and progressive curriculum for the school. All subjects are sequenced to enable our children to build and advance their knowledge base, develop strong skills and, through exceptional curriculum opportunities and experiences, foster an enthusiasm and love for learning that ensures our children fulfil their potential.

We recognise each child as a unique child with individual needs, therefore our curriculum is adapted to meet the needs of all learners, so that every child reaches their full potential. We are committed to providing the very best teaching and learning experiences, which inspire and challenge pupils to demonstrate exceptional outcomes.

Here at Parklands, we believe in a creative curriculum, and we learn our wider subjects through themed study. This enables our children to immerse themselves within a subject, gaining important knowledge and skills. Each curriculum topic has opportunities for children to learn through immersive experiences, such as going rock climbing in Y2 for their Explorers topic, or debating the Vietnam War with our sister schools in Year 6.

Through giving our children different learning experiences, celebrating individual achievements and fostering a positive attitude in a wide range of areas, our pupils will have the chance to grow their confidence and develop their aspirations for the future.