Fun • Creativity • Achievement



The MAT philosophy of ‘Fun, Creativity and Achievement’ is embedded fully within our PE curriculum, where our overall intent is that every child gains the physical, emotional and thinking skills needed to enable them to achieve personal success in PE, Sport and life.

The PE curriculum is enhanced by the opportunities given to our children to experience sports such as archery, trampolining and indoor skydiving, and for them to receive specialist coaching in sports such as tennis, football, rugby, hockey, cricket and athletics.

This enrichment dovetails the highly effective extracurricular club provision on offer at the school where a comprehensive range of sports are on offer.  Furthermore, we provide exceptional opportunities for our children to engage in a wide range of Trust, local and regional competitive events for both individual and team athletes.

How we achieve our ambitions

At Parklands, our aim is to create an embedded culture, where high quality teaching and learning of PE and Sport inspires every child to participate in physical activity and develop an appreciation of the lifelong benefits of having a healthy and active lifestyle.

PE lessons are taught twice weekly, one indoor and one outdoor, which ensures that all children have access to at least two hours of physical activity per week.

Our EYFS curriculum and the school’s wider work, encourages our youngest learners to develop their core fundamental movement skills of agility, balance and coordination in fun team and partner based activities through clear, progressive lessons which promote the importance of keeping physically and mentally healthy, thus enhancing their physical development.


Through an ambitious PE curriculum, which is fully aligned with the National Curriculum, lessons in KS1 and KS2 promote resilience, teamwork, the importance of reflection and embed the values of fairness and respect.  The clear, progressive structure enables children to build upon basic fundamental movement skills leading to providing them with opportunities for skill application within competitive game situations.  During individual lessons, skill and knowledge progression allows opportunities for: a physical warm up; skill acquisition and discussion of the lesson focus; skill development and application through competition and a cool-down which allows time for reflection.  Children are given opportunities to apply and develop a broad range of skills where each lesson builds upon prior knowledge to ensure that the children’s learning is consistently progressing.


Through a broad balance of invasion games, net and wall games and striking and fielding games, dance, gymnastics and athletics, children are taught not only sport specific skills and knowledge but also the transferable skills which can then be applied to a range of other sports both recreationally and competitively outside of school.


Our PE curriculum caters for the needs and abilities of all of our children, enabling every child to work at a level suitable to their own ability.  Teachers support, stretch and challenge all children to ensure every child achieves outstanding progress.

During all lessons, children get the opportunity to communicate, collaborate and compete with each other as well as gain an understanding of how to analyse and improve personal and peer performance in different physical activities and sports whilst learning how to evaluate and recognise their own successes.



By providing a rich and varied curriculum, along with giving our children a wealth of different sporting opportunities and experiences, plus our extensive range of extracurricular clubs, we at Parklands ensure that  our children create positive relationships with physical activity for life, whilst developing their understanding of how to keep physically healthy, eat healthily and maintain a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle.

“We are committed to providing the very best teaching and learning experiences, which inspire and challenge pupils to demonstrate exceptional outcomes…”