School Policies

School Policies

At our school, we strive to ensure we work in partnership with all our families to secure the best outcomes for all pupils. The staff and governors of Parklands Primary School are committed to maintaining a positive and effective relationship with parents, but we recognise at times there may be concerns.

If you have an issue that you would like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of staff, so that we can work together to secure the best outcomes for your child. A member of the staff team can be contacted on (01604) 491769. Information about how to raise complaints with staff can also be found on the Preston Hedge’s Academy Trust website

Below are the links to key school policies:


P8 Anti-Bullying Policy Trust


 Charging Policy

TRUST Complaints Procedure

P1 Attendance Policy



SA04 Probationary Period Policy

SA04a Probation flowchart

SD01 Flexible Working PolicySD10.

Support Staff Maternity Leave and Pay Policy

SD11 Paternity Leave and Pay Policy


SG01 Attendance Management Policy

SG01a Attendance Management Toolkit

SH01 Disciplinary Policy

SH02 Grievance Policy

SH03. Capability Policy

SI01 Redundancy Procedure (2)