Our School Values

Our school values

Here at Parklands Primary School, we believe in embedding our key school values within all aspects of school life. These core values are upheld, celebrated and promoted by all stakeholders. As a school, we strive to build strong partnerships with the local community, to ensure that every child has a mutual respect and tolerance of the many different faiths and beliefs within our society. We are committed to providing our pupils with the experiences and understanding, to ensure that they will make a positive contribution to life in Britain.

We have 6 key values that we focus on in school. These are:


Each small term, we focus on one specific value in order to fully understand what the value represents, and enable our children to show it during their day at school. Those who show the value well receive a values sticker from their teacher to show what excellent value role models they are.

Reward Systems

Both our KS1 and our KS2 children have reward systems linked to the school values.

In KS1 our children earn a smiley face sticker every time that they show one of our values really well – it may be that they have shown perseverance when working on their cursive handwriting, or shown kindness when playing in the playground.

Each smiley face gets counted up, and when our children have earned a set amount, they receive either a bronze, silver or gold badge and a certificate. The table below shows how many smiley faces the chidlren need to earn to achieve their rewards:

Year Group Bronze Silver Gold
Reception 30 55 80
Year 1 and 2 50 75 100

In KS2, alongside the value stickers we have a long term value rewards system.

When children have achieved something extraordinary within a value (in or out of school, such as demonstrating that value in school exceptionally well for a sustained period of time, or achieving something extraordinary outside of school, such as doing something special to raise money for charity) they can achieve a values badge linked to the colour of their value. Wearing this on their jumper or their tie would show that they are a fantastic role model in that value. Once pupils have gained all of the 6 value badges, they would then achieve a gold values badge to show that they embody all of the school values.

Our aim is that most children can achieve all of their values badges by the time they finish KS2 at the school.

The values and their colours are shown below:

Red Pin Badge Aspiration
Yellow Pin Badge Kindness
White Pin Badge Perseverance
Blue Pin Badge Determination
Green Pin Badge Independence
Orange Pin Badge Respect

Furthermore, at the beginning of each academic year, a boy and a girl from each class in KS2 who have demonstrated their values all year are rewarded with a golden tie  to wear for that academic year. Wearing a golden tie is a huge achievement, and really marks what excellent values role models those children are!