Relationships Education

Relationships Education

Relationships Education is a compulsory curriculum area, and is designed to:

  • Help children grow up healthy, happy and safe.
  • Give children the knowledge to make informed decisions about their wellbeing, health and relationships.
  • Support children to manage the challenges and opportunities of modern Britain.
  • Prepare children for a successful adult lives.

Here at Parklands, the Relationship Education curriculum supports children in building positive and safe relationships with family, friends and online. By the time the children have finished primary school, they will have been taught about:

  • Family and people who care for them.
  • Caring friendships.
  • Respectful relationships.
  • Online relationships.
  • Being safe.

We teach Relationship Education and it’s associated curriculum areas of Physical Health and Mental Wellbeing as part of our Wednesday Wellbeing sessions. Please visit the Wellbeing page to find our more.

The school consulted parents on our Relationship Education policy in Spring 2021, and following this, our policy was approved. Please see the document below:

P5 Relationships Education Policy 2022