Phase Two

Fun • Creativity • Achievement

Phase Two at Parklands Primary School

Phase 2 (Year 3 & 4)

Pupils in Phase 2 have a huge capacity to learn and a fantastic capacity for imagination and creativity.  These years are so crucial in moulding the pupils successfully for later life which is why Phase 2 is such an exciting time at Parklands: children learn a lot about themselves, each other and the world around them in more depth and detail, through different learning experiences.

The knowledge and skills developed in Phase 1 are built upon and embedded into Phase 2, where pupils can expect to be challenged but also supported in equal measure so that they can make the step into Phase 3, reaching their full potential with confidence.

Staff in Phase 2 are passionate in developing the children’s enjoyment through fast moving, dynamic and immersive learning experiences.  Our creative curriculum enables teachers to inspire the pupil’s imagination and curiosity.

During Year 3 & 4 (and also Phase 3), pupil rewards systems become fully linked to the Parklands values of Respect, Determination, Aspiration, Perseverance, Kindness and Independence.  We encourage children to demonstrate these on a daily basis and are rewarded through our value stickers and badges initiative. Each of these values is explored and encouraged in each of our pupils to create the special culture that exists here at Parklands.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Miss Lynsey Millar

Phase 2 Leader


A day in Phase 2

Each morning, the children start the day with purposeful morning learning. This can be English or Maths based, such as spellings, handwriting or times tables.


Maths at Parklands is all about building progressive understanding, and enabling children to be challenged appropriately. Every Monday, each class has an arithmetic session, which focuses on formal written methods, fractions, decimals and percentages. These sessions give the children a solid foundation in which to build on in other maths areas. From Tuesday to Friday, the Maths lessons are highly interactive: they start with a pacy mental maths session, then the main part of the lesson involves the children approaching progressively challenging maths learning, scaffolding through a clear success criteria. Opportunities to assess and consolidate learning are built into the sessions ensuring that the children progress well during the lesson.


At Parklands, English sessions involve building both writing and reading skills. In Writing sessions, children study a text type to understand the features of a genre, before using and applying these skills within an exciting context, creating their own, developed pieces of writing.

In Reading sessions, the children have opportunity to build an understanding of the deeper meaning of a text during analysis lessons, and they then demonstrate these skills within their comprehension sessions.  A variety of reading material is chosen to give the children an opportunity to build a wide and sophisticated vocabulary.

The children in Phase 2 are encourage to read widely and  they have a reading for pleasure book from the library, alongside their daily reading book, which is chosen to build stronger reading skills. At the end of each day, we read together from our class book, enjoying the chance to immerse ourselves in a story .


Although punctuation and grammar are a feature of English lessons, the children in Phase 2 also have a standalone spelling lesson once a week, where the children investigate spelling patterns. They also have a daily interactive punctuation and grammar lesson where they hone in on specific grammatical elements that they can then put to use within their English lesson.


During the afternoon, we immerse the children in their creative curriculum topic , where we give the children purposeful learning within a real context, with celebration days, visits and visitors an important part of the learning. We also have our PE and Games sessions in the afternoon, including a term of swimming lessons for each class.

Welcome to Year 3

“Built on the vision of ‘Fun, Creativity and Achievement,’ the staff and Governors of Parklands Primary School are committed to ensuring that each and every child is provided with an exceptional start.”

Tracey Coles, Principal, Parklands Primary School