Here at Parklands, we believe that homework is really important to consolidate skills that have been studied in class.

In Reception & Year 1, homework will involve spellings/phonics and reading.

In Year 2 and 3, alongside spellings and reading, the children will receive one piece of homework that will be Maths or Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar.

In Years 4, 5 & 6, alongside spellings and reading, the children will receive a weekly Maths and a weekly Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar homework.

Homework  20/9/19

Year 2

Year Two Homework 18th september

Year 3

Year 3 Maths Homework given 20th September


Year 4

Maths Homework_4W group_20.9.19

SPAG homework _Activity Sheet Missing Conjunction_20.9.19

Year 4 Maths homework 4R 20.09.19

Year 5

Autumn1 Week 3 20.09.19 Miss Briddon

Autumn1  Week3 20.09.19 Miss Summers

Autumn1  Week3 20.09.19 Mrs Lindley

Grammar LA


Year 6

Autumn 1 Week 3 20.9.19 Miss Lewis’s maths set

Autumn1 Week3 20.09.19 Grammar

Autumn1 Week3 20.09.19 Mrs Lindley

Autumn1 Week3 Maths homework 20.09.19 Miss Cassidy