Fun • Creativity • Achievement

School Bulletin

The school is currently open to the children of essential key workers only.
We warmly welcome our new families for Reception in September at this strange time! We can’t wait to see you all here at school when we are back to normal!
Work will now be coming out twice a week on Seesaw. Please be reassured that there are no expectations in terms of amount of work your child should do or how much you should upload. Please do what is right for your family and for your child.

Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Parklands Primary School!

Parklands Primary School is proud to be a member of the Preston Hedge’s Multi Academy Trust.  Our driving vision is founded on the philosophy of ‘Fun, Creativity & Achievement’, ensuring that the school is a happy, safe place where children experience high quality teaching within an exciting and innovative curriculum; where creative, inquisitive and confident learners are nurtured, encouraged  and thrive; and where children are supported and developed to meet their full academic potential and achieve well.

Here at Parklands, our staff team, in partnership with our Governing Body and the Trust Board, are committed to forming a strong partnership with our families and community, and together, we ensure that each and every child has the very best primary school experience that they can.

We very much look forward to welcoming you to the school.

Carmilla Cassidy                                                  Tracey Coles

Principal                                                                                                          Executive Principal

“Built on the vision of ‘Fun, Creativity and Achievement,’ the staff and Governors of Parklands Primary School are committed to ensuring that each and every child is provided with an exceptional start.”

Carmilla Cassidy, Principal, Parklands Primary School